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Tema Sports Coaching and Physical Education - SCoPE

The group focuses on a number of pedagogical aspects of sport coaching and physical education. These aspects relate to learning and development; teaching and didactics; and policy and curriculum. The main aims of the group are to forge links between research and practice and to provide a supportive environment in which members can thrive.

Much of the work done by SCoPE members is from a socio-cultural perspective, places the interplay of structure and agency in the foreground of investigations, and involves the production of qualitative data. Typical research questions revolve around how individuals develop particular identities within their respective cultural milieus. How for example, do elite athletes become elite athletes in different sport settings? What kinds of learner identities do physical education lessons offer students? And how can environments be modified to facilitate the development of alternative identities? The group values multidisciplinarity and social-psychologically oriented projects are also being conducted within SCoPE.

The SCoPE group was initiated in Autumn 2015. Since this time, the group has grown, both in terms of members and the number of projects. The research group regularly hosts international scholars and is actively networking with researchers from Sweden and abroad, guest researchers are welcome. The working language within the group is English. 

Sidansvarig: Catharina Bucht|Sidan uppdaterades: 2017-02-28

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